Whole Milk Extender

Whole Milk Extender is designed to increase your total milk volume by extending your pasteurized milk supply, while adding vitamins and minerals. This supplement minimizies pasteruized milk supply inconsistencies. It also delivers protein and fat for an economical daily gain.  


    • Non-medicated formula allows a flexible feeding rate and provides consistency from feeding to feeding

    • Formulated nutritionally complete to be fed alone or in combination with pasteurized milk

    • Provides a daily source of plasma for optimal intestinal environment and is a highly digestible protein source.  Fortified with vitamins and essential trace minerals to support growth and immune function.

    • Individual
      Measure 2 quarts of warm water (105-115° F) into a clean bucket. Sprinkle 10 oz. (0.625 lb) of milk replacer powder on the water surface and mix thoroughly. Feed this amount to one calf, twice daily.

      Large Batch
      Measure 6.25 lbs. of milk replacer powder and sprinkle into 5 gallons of warm water (105-115° F). Mix thoroughly and feed this mixture divided equally to 10 calves, twice daily.