Premolac® PLUS Bovine IgG

Premolac® PLUS Bovine IgG is a USDA licensed colostrum replacer to aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer.

Premolac® is a registered trademark of Zinpro Corporation.


    • Click here to view a short video on why a USDA license is important for a colostrum replacer.

    • Highest concentration of immunoglobulin proteins per gram of powder compared to other USDA licensed powder products for aiding in the treatment of failure of passive transfer.  Successful passive transfer of immunity to newborn calves helps reduce morbidity and mortality in the first few weeks of life. 

    • Mix one dose of product 375 grams (13 oz) into 1.3 liters (44 oz) of warm water 42-47°C (107 to 117°F). Administer orally as a single dose by bottle or esophageal feeder to provide 152.4 grams of immunoglobulin protein.

    • US Vet License No. 439