KCAL Energy Supplement

Calves require energy to maintain their body temperature. The colder the environment, the more energy calves require. KCAL provides a conveniently packaged, economical option to be fed to pre-weaned calves to increase the calorie content during the winter months. 


    • Supports calf survival and optimal growth rates by increasing the calorie content of whole milk or milk replacer during cold weather or other stress. 

    • Economical source of energy - typically costs less than feeding more milk replacer powder or saleable whole milk.

    • Mixes easily in warm milk or reconsistuted milk replacer - no need to switch milk replacers for the winter months.

    • For large batch feeding, add the following amounts of KCAL™ powder to warm pasteurized whole milk or to reconstituted milk replacer (110-120°F, 43-49°C). Feed 2-3 quarts of milk or milk replacer solution plus KCAL™ twice daily at normal feeding intervals.