Ultra Start® 150 PLUS

Featuring First Defense Technology®, Ultra Start® 150 PLUS colostrum replacer provides a minimum of 150 grams of bovine globulin protein per calf feeding. Ultra Start® 150 PLUS is formulated with vitamins and minerals and mixes effortlessly, saving time and delivering the nutrients intended. 


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      *First Defense Technology® is a unique un-denatured whey protein concentrate and refers to ImmuCell Corporation’s trademarked whey protein concentrate processing method. It is not intended to imply claims of ImmuCell’s USDA licensed product, First Defense®.

    • Made with 100% dried bovine colostrum collected from select U.S. Grade A Dairy herds. 

    • Contains the same amount of globulin protein fed every time – 150 grams of bovine globulin protein per feeding, providing 1 replacer feeding. 

      Instantized ingredients designed to mix easily and completely for easy feeding. Small feeding size, 350 grams, allows for maximum intake, even in small calves. 

    • Fewer steps in which contamination can occur supporting a consistent and active approach to biosecurity. 

    • Directions:

      Add the full pouch of dry Ultra Start® 150 PLUS powder to 1.5 quarts of clean, warm water at 110-120°F and mix thoroughly until completely dissolved. Allow the solution to cool to 100-105°F before feeding. Feed the entire volume of solution as soon as possible after birth (within 2 hours if possible). Begin feeding calf milk replacer at the next feeding 6-12 hours later.