Fortifiers contain additives such as vitamins and minerals to bring whole milk nutrition content in line with NRC guidelines. Other options include adding larvicides for fly control, and ionophores for growth promotion and coccidiosis prevention. When fortifiers are used, the volume of liquid is not markedly increased.
Whole Milk AddVantage<sub>®</sub>

Whole Milk AddVantage®

Whole Milk AddVantage® fortifier provides calves a consistent dose of the vitamins and organic trace minerals that are often deficient in whole milk. It also delivers direct-fed microbials and yeast cell wall extract for optimal calf health and growth. Whole Milk AddVantage® also includes a daily dose of Bovatec® for the control of coccidiosis.

Whole Milk AddVantage® is also available with ClariFly® larvicide to prevent the development of house, stable, face and horn flies in the manure of treated calves.

Bovatec is a registered trademark of Zoetis Products LLC. ClariFly is a registered trademark of Wellmark International.