Milk Products LLC Sourcing Responsibility Statement

Milk Products LLC requires all of its approved supplier partners, licensed manufacturers, contract manufacturers and joint venture partners to meet specified written requirements. These requirements include complying with all applicable laws and regulations of both the location of manufacture of Milk Products LLC products as well as the location where Milk Products LLC products are sold. All suppliers doing business with Milk Products LLC are required to allow periodic third party audits. All suppliers doing business with Milk Products LLC are also required to have their own approved supplier programs in place to ensure their suppliers likewise meet such requirements.

Milk Products LLC is committed to eliminating slavery and human trafficking in its supply chains and prohibits its employees from using involuntary labor, whether bonded, prison, military, compulsory or indentured labor, including debt servitude with respect to any aspect of its operations.

Milk Products LLC employees are prohibited from employing child labor, consistent with the principles contained in the International Labour Organization's 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and is endeavoring to require the same of its suppliers.

Milk Products LLC currently audits suppliers using internal and external third party auditors as well as self-certification. Milk Products LLC is in the process of requiring its suppliers to verify compliance with its standards concerning human trafficking and slavery through self-certification.

Milk Products LLC trains its employees and management who have responsibility for supply chain management generally on prohibitions against human trafficking and slavery. A pragmatic approach to specific training to mitigate risks within product supply chains is currently being considered for further development.