About Us

Our Brand

Consistently delivering quality nutrients to preweaned calves can be the foundation for a lifetime of success. Calf Solutions® offers dairy producers the right nutritional tools to help their calves meet their genetic potential from birth to weaning.

Calf Solutions® is a calf-focused portfolio that incorporates products to enhance whole milk, such as fortifiers, balancers and extenders, along with time-tested, familiar animal health products, like colostrum replacers and electrolytes. The Calf Solutions® products are designed for dairy operations and calf ranches to ensure accurate and complete nutrition in every feeding, formulated to maximize the calves' lifetime productivity potential. 

With more producers than ever turning to pasteurized whole milk as the main source of nutrition for their calves, the Calf Solutions® whole milk products help ensure the milk provided to calves is consistent from one day to the next. A full line of fortifiers, balancers and extenders deliver calves the best nutrition possible while addressing the common challenges of whole milk: consistency, quality and supply.

Our Company Story

Milk Products' heritage is one of quality and innovation dating back to 1911, when Carnation Company manufacturing began at our Chilton, Wis. location. For over a century, our company has been manufacturing dairy products for people or animals. The product offering has changed over time, but our commitment to excellence remains the same. In the early 1950s, the Carnation Company began to manufacture milk replacers for calves in Kansas City, Mo. Eventually, production moved to Chilton, Wis. in 1978 when the plant was converted from Carnation Instant Milk production to animal feed manufacturing. Today, Milk Products produces over 700 unique milk replacers and supplements for numerous independent feed manufacturers, wholesale distributors and large retail chains.

We are a customer-driven company dedicated to providing superior young animal nutrition products and customized support for independent feed manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We pride ourselves on the quality of products and relationships built over the years and work to develop products designed to help young-animal raisers grow the very best animals for food, fun or business. You can count on us to create value resulting in growth for your business and the animals we feed.